Thursday, June 7, 2018

Technology & the Christian College

Tomorrow I speak to the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities Commission on Technology, which is meeting here on our Longview campus this week.

As "The Christian Polytechnic University," we are honored to have these Information Technology executives here and to host their important discussions about technology and the Christian college.

These IT executives number nearly 100 and come from nearly 30 colleges and universities from around the country. They are responsible for managing and securing their campus IT structure and the data for their campuses. During their conference this week, they focused on casting a vision for the future of IT in Christian higher education. Their theme is "Creating the Power Grid of 2046." They used the year of LETU's future centennial as a marker for the "future" of all Christian higher ed.

Several of our LETU staff are presenting during their conference sessions, sharing their own expertise on a variety of issues.

Those LETU staff presenting and moderating panels include Ethan Cooper, Ken Johnson, Michael Davis, Pablo Albuja Silviero, Mark Hegreberg, Valerie Lewis, and Cindy Thomas. LETU's Center for Faith and Work Executive Director Dr. Bill Peel also addressed the group on the workplace as mission field. Vice President Mike Hood shared a devotional message this morning.

The importance of the work these IT professionals do cannot be overstated. Learning technologies are quickly evolving and becoming more central to every academic program.

Cybersecurity is a major threat and concern for all colleges and universities. Information security is listed as the top issue among the EDUCAUSE's 2018 Top 10 Information Technology issues.

My goal in my remarks tomorrow is to encourage these professionals as they leave for home. Christ-centered higher education is important and it is worthy of our professional energy and personal sacrifices. With Christ at the center of all we do, we see our work as a holy calling with eternal impact.

I am proud of the work that Matthew Henry, who is vice chair of the CCCU COT, has done bringing this group to campus. This is the first CCCU commission to host its conference here in Longview on our campus. Thanks to Matthew and his team for the opportunity to host, and thanks to our Director of Conference and Events Services Marty Lane for all of her work arranging their visit.