Thursday, May 3, 2018

Celebrating our Grads & Looking to the Future

Congratulations to more than 400 students who have earned LETU diplomas this Spring. Pastor Erwin Lutzer from the Moody Church in Chicago and many hundreds of guests will be on campus Saturday to celebrate.

As we celebrate these students, let's also look ahead to our future. This week brought good news. I'm asking for your help.

The City of Longview is considering an improvement to Mobberly Avenue that would better connect our campus to downtown Longview. It's a positive step for our university, the neighborhoods of south Longview, and for the overall community.

If you agree, would you please let our city leaders know your opinion?

Here's a quick summary of what's happening:

In 2015, the city developed a Comprehensive Plan to guide Longview's future. Many of our staff and students gave input in the planning. The final plan included a vision for reworking Mobberly Avenue to make it more accessible to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

This week, a citizen advisory group has now recommended this project as the number one priority for street improvements in a proposed package of future capital projects.

Monday at 5:30 p.m. at Maude Cobb Convention Center (100 Grande Blvd. in Longview), the Plan Advisory Committee will meet to accept these priority recommendations.

Finally, the Mayor and City Council will review the priorities and make a decision whether to propose a package of capital improvement projects to be funded. The package would likely include new fire and police facilities, park improvements and other street improvements in addition to the Mobberly Avenue road diet.

Please consider coming to the Monday meeting to voice your support. The project is called the "Mobberly road diet" project. A road or street diet refers to the conversion of multiple traffic lanes on a street to a more pedestrian-, bicycle- and auto-friendly street.

Very importantly, please consider sending a message of support to your City Council representative. You can find them here.

Our LETU community would love to be better connected to the growing energy downtown by a Mobberly Avenue that is inviting for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as autos. This street renovation will encourage redevelopment on the street. It's good for all our neighbors.

The mayor and city council already know my opinion. Would you please let them know of your support?