Thursday, April 12, 2018

Welcoming Special Visitors to Campus this Spring

The Board of Trustees are on campus today for the Spring meeting. These men and women have come from across the United States to provide leadership to LETU and the cause of Christian higher education. It's my privilege to work with such a distinguished group of individuals with very different talents, united by a common appreciation for the work we do here at LETU.

The Trustees are just the latest in a series of visitors we've hosted recently.

I was very proud that the university hosted yesterday's free Holocaust remembrance event, sponsored by our Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. The event attracted hundreds of students from local middle schools and high schools, as well as many other members of the Longview community, to hear from Holocaust expert Dr. Carrie Burns and Holocaust survivor family members Vicki and Richard Hornok. Our students and guests were able to hear important lectures and testimonies about the inhumanity that led to the death of over six million Jews leading up to World War II. Public events like this help educate the community to ensure that atrocities like this never recur.

Over the weekend during LETU Homecoming, one of our distinguished guests was Greg Sankey, the commissioner of the Southeast Conference (SEC), whom Forbes magazine describes as one of the most powerful men in college sports. He attended LETU, played baseball, and was transformed by the relationships he built here. He spoke of playing baseball for LETU, and how his former LETU coach Roger Kieffer helped him learn important, life-changing lessons about leadership and being a good team player.

Another group of visitors to campus recently were the inductees into the new LeTourneau University Academy of Engineering and Engineering Technology. This distinguished group of LETU Engineering alumni are too many to list here, but include Donald Bell, the Chief Engineer at Pratt and Whitney Canada; Dale Hill, the founder of Proterra, the leading manufacturer of electric powered bus vehicles; Michael Kessler, the dean of engineering at North Dakota State University; and Stan Settles, a member of the prestigious National Academy of Engineering.

I appreciate that in the last two weeks, it has taken an army to plan, host and welcome these special visitors to campus, and I'm very grateful for each of you who have been involved. Each visitor is a testimony to how our service to God here at LETU stretches into many workplaces and touches many lives around the world.