Friday, March 23, 2018

The Impact of Spring Break Ministry

Tuesday afternoon, March 13, in the parking lot of the Island Baptist Church on South Padre Island, God moved.

God used LETU students to make an impact for Christ as they encircled a South Padre Island police officer, laid their hands on him and prayed for his family, his safety, and the safety of the other public servants that week who would be patrolling the beaches throughout Spring Break.

The officer thanked the students, expressing gratitude for Beach Reach and their help keeping people safe and off the roads.

Beach Reach on South Padre Island, Texas, is one of the LeTourneau Student Ministries spring break mission trips that enables our students to provide a Christian witness to fellow college students, serving free pancake breakfasts, providing safe rides for those who drink alcohol and party all night, and sharing the Gospel with others during spring break when the island is overflowing with young people.

After that police officer drove off, he later admitted that he was so moved that he had to pull over to wipe the tears from his eyes over the blessing he received from the students praying over him. He said the rest of his night shift was "different." He had a peace and calm in him that was "different." He said he felt the spirit falling on him in that moment when the students prayed for him.

So much was he moved that the next day, he returned and brought back several others for prayer-about 40 city officials, officers, lifeguards and other first responders. The officer specifically asked for our LETU students who had prayed for him the day before.

The city officials expressed their gratitude for what Beach Reach students were doing, then the students all joined together and prayed over the city officials. God was at work.

And while LETU's Spring Break 2018 Beach Reach is over, God is still at work as our students continue to pray for those they met, gave rides to, shared the gospel with, ate pancakes with and prayed with.

I am grateful for these students, and for all of our other LETU students who went on the other nine LSM Spring Break mission trips, for their faithfulness in building a better future, one heart at a time.