Thursday, March 29, 2018

Joining the King's Work this Easter Season

Did you see the photo this week in the Longview News-Journal? 150 children were on campus to hunt Easter eggs at the invitation of LeTourneau Student Ministries.

I loved seeing the sea of energetic kids representing the wonderful diversity of our Longview community. I was happy to see our students speak of Jesus and a reason for the season that goes well beyond eggs and treats.

Another special Holy Week and Easter has arrived.

I've been reading again about how Jesus spent the last week of his earthly walk. He continued to teach, and his parable of the wedding banquet in Matthew has been my focus:
"The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. He sent his servants to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused to come. Then he sent some more servants and said, 'Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner...but they paid no attention..." (Matthew 22:2-5)
Rejection hurts. It hurts even God. He is like a king who has prepared a great celebration but many ignore his invitation to come and share in the feast. The king's disappointment becomes anger, and his justice ultimately prevails. In the end, many are invited, but few are chosen to join the king's celebration.

In reading this parable anew, what has stopped me is the king's response to ignored invitations. He sends his servants to tell the people to come, and when the invitation is ignored, what does the king do? He sends more servants to give more invitations: "Then he sent some more servants..."

Our heavenly King has promised a great and eternal celebration with Him. The invitations have been made and the servants have been sent out to deliver the invitation. And even today, God wants to send out more servants to share the Good News of a risen Jesus.

Our mission at LeTourneau University is to join the King in that work: to prepare a new generation of servants to deliver more invitations to every workplace and every nation. The time of invitation will end someday and those who accept the invitation will join the King in his eternal banquet. But, until that day comes, let's pray that God will continue to use LETU to share his invitation. He hasn't given up on this world yet. Let's not give up either because we have Good News to share: He is risen! He is risen, indeed!