Friday, December 11, 2015

Celebrating Acheivements this Christmas Season

Congratulations everyone on the completion of another successful academic term at LeTourneau!

We will celebrate with our graduates this weekend at December commencement. Dr. Paul Corts, former president of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities will be our guest speaker.

Next semester, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the first classes at our original institution LeTourneau Technical Institute.

This week began in celebration. Several of us were Houston Monday to learn that SACSCOC will be sending us a letter saying that no additional reports are needed on our Bachelor of Science in Nursing, following the submission of a Referral Report after the onsite visit, which was conducted last spring. Our nursing program soon will be seeking specialized, professional accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Congratulations to Dean Quiett and our Quality Assurance team for all of their great work!

What do presidents from all across the South discuss at SACSCOC? We heard a report on the start of the Tennessee Promise, the new program that allows students in that state to earn an associate's degree at no cost. It's of importance because many politicians at the national level and in Texas are promising similar go-to-college free programs. Early college high schools are already up and running in Texas and these make it possible for students to earn up to an associate's degree while still in high school -- at no cost to the student.

More students earning associate's degrees can be an opportunity for us as these students seek the bachelor's degree. LETU will become more affordable for students who want a Christian education but can't afford all four years in residence.

And these celebrations lead us to Christmas -- the celebration of God entering our world. Why did He come? The Bible teaches He came to seek and save the lost. A university bearing Christ's name as a Christian university can join in this mission. God will use our academic programs to seek and save the lost in our time and place. As the Wise Men did, we bring the gifts of our talent and knowledge to surrender to the Christ and His will to redeem the earth.

Merry Christmas!