Friday, March 27, 2015

Honoring LeTourneau Faculty

LeTourneau University is not defined by programs nor facilities.  It is our faculty and staff and the way we interact with our students and community that define LeTourneau University. 

That's why it was a pleasure to honor several faculty this week who have recently been recognized by their peers, administration and university trustees for meritorious service to LETU.  At a lunch Tuesday, Dr. Coyle and I gathered with those who have just received tenure or been promoted. A list is found here.

Education transforms lives.  Our faith in Christ transforms lives.  That's been my personal experience.  And the transforming power of education and faith is why we are here.   Our faith and staff at LETU do a great job of modeling the intersection of faith and learning.  It's a combination of powers that God can use to redeem our world.

Professor emeritus standing was awarded to Dr. Paul Kubricht and Dr. John Feezell, in recognition of outstanding service, steadfast and professional leadership, and faithful dedication to the academic and Christian of LETU.
Tenure is the means whereby LETU rewards  contributions by faculty to the university, students and the community and is an earned privilege for excellent service, signifying a greater sense of belonging, institutional acceptance, stability and community with the university. 

Tenure was renewed for Lois Knouse (4th renewal), Matt Poelman (2nd), Dr. Andree Elliott (2nd), Dr. Judy Taylor (2nd) and Brad Wooden (2nd).

First time tenure awardees included Dr. Bruce Hathaway, Dr. Jesse French, Jeff Johnson, Dr. Mark Jonah, Dr. Seung Kim and Norm Reese. Jesse, Mark, Seung and Norm were also all promoted from assistant to associate professor. Jeff was promoted from instructor to assistant professor. Bruce is already a full professor.

Promotions from assistant to associate professor included Dr. Darla Baggett and Dr. Curtis Wesley, while Dr. Karl Payton, Dr. Kathy Stephens and Dr. Judy Taylor were each promoted from associate to full professor.

As you see them around campus, be sure to congratulate them for their accomplishments.