Friday, June 2, 2017

God's Grace, Through His People

Memorial Day Weekend 2017 is one to be remembered for years to come.

On Sunday night, two tornadoes moved through the Longview area. They were the latest in what seems to be an unusually stormy spring. Many are still in shock at the Canton storm that left five dead last month. I-20 has become a tornado alley.

Thanks to God that none were killed in Sunday's storms.    

Kudos to LETU Chief of Police Michael Schultz for quickly getting out the tornado warning on our Emergency Campus Communication System (ECCS).

The path of one tornadic storm was just west of campus. Cars were crushed like plastic toys. Felled trees cut homes in half and blocked streets. SWEPCO said over 100,000 customers lost electricity. As I'm writing, Marsha and I still do not have power at our home. I know this is true for several others in our LETU family.
But it is not the storm damage that will be remembered years from now. We will recall that God-honoring kindness of many who came to our aid. 

In the last days, I've seen LETU staff grab their chain saws and come to the aid of those with tree damage.  I've seen you share generators and tarps to cover holes in roofs. And I know LETU staff members have opened their homes and shared their light and refrigerators and air conditioning with families who are without power at their homes. 

Our LETU facilities team has done a faithful and speedy job of cleaning away tree debris (at one point the Green Street entrance was blocked--pictured below) and inspecting roofs and air conditioning units for damage. 

May our testimony of Memorial Day 2017 not be of "Mother Nature's Power" but instead may our testimony be of "God's grace, through His people."