Friday, January 13, 2017

LETU, Iowa State and Eastman: New Chemical Engineering Pathway

Happy 2017! This week is an exciting one for LeTourneau University as we formalize a new partnership with Iowa State University and Eastman Chemical Company to provide a direct pathway for qualified undergraduate students from LETU to earn-in five years - both a LeTourneau University bachelor's in chemistry and a master's in chemical engineering from Iowa State, while also being advised by professional chemical engineers at Eastman Chemical, right here in Longview.

Faculty, staff and community members attended the announcement of this new partnership on Friday, Jan. 13.
We are blessed that Eastman Chemical leadership met with our faculty and dean to agree to join in an advisory and supportive role, by reviewing curriculum to help ensure we are preparing chemical engineers who are job-ready and will flourish in a manufacturing setting.

Our students will benefit from opportunities for internships and mentoring by Eastman employees who can share real-world experience and insights into a career in chemical engineering.

Some of Eastman's engineers may serve as guest lecturers in our classrooms, and our students will be able to tour Eastman and observe training in the areas of industrial safety.

Eastman Chemical has been a great friend of the university and this partnership will open new doors of cooperation. Kudos to Dr. Larry Frazier for making this partnership a reality. Learn more about this joint venture between LETU, Iowa State and Eastman Chemical here.