Thursday, January 19, 2017

Global Outreach Connections: GO Week 2017

Next week, January 23-27, is a special week of focusing on Global Outreach on the LeTourneau University campus as we welcome over 50 missionaries representing over 40 mission organizations from across the world.

GO Week is a great time of connection.

GO Week helps to raise awareness of the things God is doing around the world. It allows missionaries at a wide variety of mission organizations to teach students about the work they are doing to further God's kingdom all over the world.

It helps open our students' hearts and minds to service opportunities in which they may want to participate--perhaps during Spring Break missions or after graduation. In the past, some students have found their life's calling during GO Week.

Relationships are built. Many of our missionaries are housed by faculty members. Many of our faculty and staff members have served as full-time missionaries and have opportunity to practice the gifts of helps and hospitality. Prayer requests can be shared. Our World CafĂ© on Tuesday evening will feature the culture and cuisine of nearly 30 countries.   

This longstanding tradition of GO Week (formerly known as Mission Emphasis Week) enables missionaries to share their life's work and relate to students one-on-one, hoping that God will spark an interest and perhaps open doors to internships.

I encourage all of us to take time next week to visit with these missionaries who will have tables set up all along the hallways in some of our academic buildings on campus and at the Abbott Center. Get to know them. Attend chapel services. Take them to lunch.

GO Week would not be possible without the participation of many on campus. 

Big thanks to our Missionaries in Residence, Marv and Jan Smith, and to Chapel secretary Kaylee Salser for all of their work in organizing the event. Also want to thank Marv for his help with chapel this semester as we seek a new Campus Pastor.

Today, I'm praying for our nation as we prepare to enjoy God's blessing of a government that peacefully transitions power from one president to another. I'm praying for God's favor on our new leaders both in Washington and in Austin. This week, the TFO Executive Committee and I met to pray for the university. Will you join us? Pray for the many among us who are fighting serious illnesses and pray with thanks for a community that supports each other in these times of need. Continue to pray for God to bring our next Deans of both the engineering and business programs and for our Campus Pastor.