Thursday, November 3, 2016

The 2016 Faith@Work Summit

LeTourneau University's Center for Faith and Work just hosted the very successful Faith@Work Summit in Dallas at the Westin Galleria that attracted more than 400 academic, business and church leaders from all over the globe from Thursday through Saturday.

The Summit brought together some of the best minds to consider how to extend Christ's transforming power and presence into workplaces around the world and to provide a time and place for those attending to develop new ideas, initiatives and collaborations to move the faith and work movement broader and deeper.

Our Center for Faith and Work Executive Director Dr. Bill Peel, with the assistance of Amanda Battaglia and Peter Battaglia, deserve great credit for the two years of painstaking planning and successful execution of this memorable event. From inviting the speakers, handling booking details, building the website, handling social media, working with the professional production company that live-streamed the event, and so many other details, the Summit was a heroic effort that was a great success.

The purpose was to gather these leaders from every kind of industry to move deeper and broader-learning together from each other and seeking thoughtful answers to three questions:
  1. How can we help Christians deepen their understanding of what it means to follow Christ in their particular line of work?
  2. How can we broaden the reach of the Faith at Work movement to new audiences that remain largely unaddressed?
  3. How can Christians in business, workplace ministries, Christian schools, universities and seminaries work with the church to develop whole-life disciples?
We know that our work matters to God. He has uniquely equipped each of us to further His kingdom through our work-wherever we are. We recognize that the workplace is the most strategic workplace in the world and that we, as Christians, have an opportunity to make a difference in the places where we work, but also at LETU, in preparing the next generation to make a difference in their future workplaces.

For those interested in reading more about the faith and work movement, I would recommend three books:
  • The first would be "Workplace Grace: Becoming a Spiritual Influence at Work," the leading text on workplace evangelism around the world, written by Dr. Peel, who helped emcee the Summit.
  • Tom Nelson's book "Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work" is another book that balances the theological and practical to outline how we can join God in his work in the world.
  • "Integrated Generosity" by Mark Trewitt is another great book that you may find motivational and educational as it provides best practices for personal and business finances in light of stewardship.
I'm very proud of what Bill and his team put together. LeTourneau University is a leader in this important movement, and while we may be a little school with a big vision, this vision of graduating students who will claim the workplace as their place of Christian ministry is a big vision--one with eternal results.