Thursday, November 17, 2016

Father of the Bride

I knew the day would come. In fact, I've known for 27 years that the day would come. Yet, when it was time for me to stand at my daughter Rachel's wedding and give the traditional toast to the bride and groom, I struggled to find the words.

Rachel married Cord DeMoss at a picturesque venue in Quinlan, Texas, on October 29. It was a beautiful Texas autumn evening for an outdoor wedding. We were surrounded by family and friends. The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, the mother of the bride elegant and the couple's minister from Watermark Church in Dallas did an outstanding job pointing all in attendance to the God who created these two and brought them together to live as one forevermore.

When it was time for the toast by the father of the bride, I described my daughter as a "no-backup-plan" kind of person.

I told two stories of how Rachel has demonstrated that she is a determined individual who sets ambitious goals for herself and works through all adversity to achieve those goals. When her ever-so-practical father asked many years ago what was her backup plan should she not make the team as a Kilgore College Rangerette, she confidently stated that she had no backup plan because she would make the team. And she did, and she did again with other goals!

My prayer is that both Cord and Rachel will bring the same attitude to their marriage. Now, that they've chosen each other and made a vow before God, there is no backup plan -- they will make their marriage work in the good days and also in the trials to come. Only with God's grace and mercy is this possible.

My advice to all the young fathers of daughters I know: start working on your wedding toast, it will be upon you more quickly than you can imagine.