Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Excitement and Promise of a New Semester

Today is move-in day for around 380 new students, transfer students and those who are returning after taking a break in their college studies. We are pleased to welcome these students who are coming to us from 31 states across the country and 12 countries around the world. 

We have students moving in today who are coming from Canada, Cayman Islands, China, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Korea, Madagascar, Mexico, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.
I had the great pleasure today to welcome several of our new students to our campus for the 2016-2017 academic year who are "legacy" students, meaning that one, or both, of their parents are LETU alumni. For example, Dave and Carmelita Boyce of Tampa, Fla., are here with their son, Joshua, who is an incoming freshman student. Dave was wearing his KZX shirt and told me about living in the KZX "barracks" on campus.

Dave graduated in 1990 with his computer science/technology degree. Carmelita graduated in 1991 with her degree in biology. They said they didn't fall in love at first sight. They became friends first--then they fell in love. 

What a wonderful blessing it is that these alumni loved their alma mater and chose to send their children here these many years later.    
Every semester begins with a lot of excitement and promise. This year is no different. Our Fall 2016 freshman class of 270 students has an average SAT scores of 1157 and ACT scores of 25.2. Their high school grade point average of 3.6 puts them in the top of their classes. While many of them are drawn to us for our engineering programs, they represent every major on campus. The ratio of men to women in this incoming class is 2:1.  
And as soon as a new fall semester begins, it is time for our admissions counselors to start over attracting students for the next year's class. Executive Director of Admissions Carl Arnold says his six admissions counselors will be hitting the road to recruit the 2017-2018 freshman class beginning Monday, Sept. 12. But first, his office will host the first Fall 2016 YellowJacket Preview for high school students on Monday, Sept. 5.  
I was delighted to get to welcome those students and their families that I met today, and it reminded me how important it is for all of us remember that futures are built here at LeTourneau University-one student at a time