Thursday, June 2, 2016

Our Daily Work

The LeTourneau University Center for Faith and Work is assembling a website of excellent resources for all of us who seek to find God in our work. Dr. Bill Peel, the executive director for the center, posts original thoughts on this website, but the Center also assembles thoughtful articles from many sources.

For example, Greg Forster writes about how the church can regain its culture-shaping voice, John Pletcher writes about how to handle emotions at work and John Beckett writes about what Christian CEOs should look for when hiring new college graduates.   

I recently found a link to an old hymn that celebrates the biblical truth that we find joy when we do our daily work with the enthusiasm as if we were working for the Lord.

The 1925 hymn, Those Who Love and Those Who Labor, is an excellent mediation. Here are the lyrics:

Those who love and those who labor, follow in the way of Christ;
Thus the first disciples found him, thus the gift of love sufficed.
Jesus says to those who seek him, I will never pass you by;
Raise the stone and you shall find me; cleave the wood, and there am I.
 Where the many work together, they with Christ himself abide.
But the lonely workers also find him ever at their side.
Lo, the Prince of common welfare dwells within the market strife;
Lo, the bread of heaven is broken in the sacrament of life.

Our university founder often said that God was his business partner. It wasn't a statement of arrogant heavenly endorsement. Mr. LeTourneau was reporting the promise of this hymn that he himself experienced: that the presence of God is available in our daily work.