Thursday, January 21, 2016

Quality Enhancement Plan: Writing For Your Life

"What is your QEP?"

That is the question that everyone--all students, faculty and staff members--at LeTourneau University should be able to answer this semester.

"QEP" stands for Quality Enhancement Plan. Our LETU QEP focuses on improving student writing.

It's really that simple. 

However, realize the QEP is a five-year process that will include many details in the future as it is implemented and assessed.

Part of the immediate success of LETU's QEP will be measured by how well all university faculty, staff and students know what our QEP is and can articulate the QEP to anyone who asks.

We went through a faculty-driven process to identify an area where we could improve student learning outcomes. This will be a focus of discussion on our site visit from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College (SACSCOC) March 29, 30 and 31, when our visitors are likely to ask, "What is your QEP?" They will be asking that question to see how integrated the QEP is throughout our community, how important it is to us. 

The title of LETU's QEP is "Writing For Your Life" because students will need good writing skills for the rest of their lives, regardless of their major or current field of study. Good writing comes from good thinking.

LETU's QEP focuses on helping our students become more proficient in standard English writing conventions, to understand and respond appropriately to various rhetorical situations, and to use credible source material to support their ideas in their writing. 

Our QEP involves: 
  • Accurate assessments in first-year writing courses to measure student writing strengths and weaknesses, leading to curriculum modifications designed to address weaknesses.
  • Writing Center that provides face-to-face tutoring to support better writing across disciplines. 
  • Cross-disciplinary faculty Writing Council to communicate among disciplines to support student enhancement of basic writing skills.

You are going to hear much more about it in the coming weeks.

You may begin to see a blitz of QEP communications that may include student contests to develop a QEP logo, QEP videos, QEP posters, QEP flyers, QEP chapel skits, QEP digital signage announcements, QEP table tents in the Hive and Corner Café, and even a QEP jingle. Who knows, students might even choreograph a QEP dance!

You may see QEP on the Stall Wall, in the Communicator, on social media and here in the LeTourNews. Professors may hold QEP class discussions, include QEP questions on quizzes for extra credit, or put QEP on their course syllabi for online students. 

We may even develop a QEP website to explain our QEP, show student videos and post photos and testimonials from students who benefit from writing better or from professors who validate improvement in their students' writing. 

The QEP invasion of information will begin soon. Be ready to answer, "What's Your QEP?"