Thursday, January 28, 2016

GO WEEK Continues Tradition of University Focus on Missions

LETU has welcomed 35 missions organizations from all over the globe this week, during our 52nd annual GO WEEK (formerly known as Missions Emphasis Week).

Our students have heard from a variety of speakers from many vocations, including aviation, business, education, technology, engineering and more. 

These guest missionaries have taught our students, from their first-hand experiences, about global outreach and ministry to closed countries. And many of our students have learned about short-term opportunities that they can plug into even while they are still in school. 

Some of our LETU alumni are back here on campus this week, like Duane King from Kingdom Air Corp in Alaska and recent alumnus Josh Oh, who is with One Challenge International Ministries. It is always a joy to welcome back our graduates and see how God is using them for His glory. 

GO Week is a wonderful LETU tradition, and Our World Cafe is always popular. Held in the Belcher Center lobby, our international students and "missionary kids" shared food and culture from across the world. I hope these shared cuisines and customs motivate us to learn more about the world, appreciate diversity and develop stronger relationships with the people God has placed at LETU.

Legendary missionary George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilization, who has planted churches in 110 countries during the past 50 years, was also a guest on campus this week. Tonight students will attend their choice of 24 seminars where missionaries can share more about the things they are doing around the world. 

Our university founder, R.G. LeTourneau supported long-term missions financially and traveled around the globe himself in short-term missions. Some of our students may do the same in their lifetimes. While many have been and will be called to pursue employment with a mission organization, all of our graduates will have the opportunity to claim their workplace as their mission field. 

The opportunity to impact eternity is all around us.