Friday, July 10, 2015

LETU Lands Spot on Beautiful Campus List

LeTourneau University is a beautiful campus.  We all know that.  But it sure is nice when others take note, too, like this past week when Online Christian Colleges website listed LETU as one of the top 50 in its "Most Beautiful Campuses."

The website ranked LETU 19th in its list, ahead of some other campuses you may know: Baylor (37th) in Waco and SMU (49th) in Dallas.  The honor was also featured this week in the Longview News-Journal and local television news.

While our campus doesn't boast expansive "ocean views, majestic mountains, stained-glass windows and enchanting cathedrals" (like many of the campuses ranked ahead of us), we do have a beautiful campus steeped in history as a former World War II-era military hospital.  Our campus is a special place set aside for the important work of higher learning. This "most beautiful campus" is the work of our Facilities Services Department, led by Ben Haywood.

Their time and talent (and sweat!) have gone into the careful planning and meticulous upkeep of our university buildings and grounds. Their work was recognized only a few months ago when the local Keep Longview Beautiful Award was presented to the campus. 

All work done well can bring glory to God.  Our facilities team demonstrates this truth -- and it's thrilling to see the world notice.

I hope the world knows that the most beautiful thing about our campus is the life-changing moments that happen here.  Marty Lane and her Conference and Events Services team have welcomed hundreds of campers so far this summer.  She reported that in the past two weeks of IMPACT camp, 55 students made first-time decisions for Christ, along with 40 other re-commitment decisions, here at LETU.  We still have two more residential camps coming this summer, so let's all pray for the Holy Spirit to continue this work.

All of this reminds me of Isaiah 40:  "The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever."  Now that's beautiful!