Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Benefits of Christian Higher Education

Here's some encouraging news to share. Students in Christian higher education are more satisfied with their experience than students on secular campuses. 

I looked at the data at the recent annual meeting of CCCU presidents in Washington, D.C.

Comparing the experience of our CCCU students with those at other four-year private institutions is eye-opening.

72% of CCCU students report that their school shows concern for them as individuals compared to only 56% at other private schools. 74% believe the "faculty care about me as an individual." 

Overall, 68% of students at CCCU schools are satisfied with their education experience. This compares to 56% at other private campuses.

Add this to other measures, including that CCCU students have higher graduation rates and loan repayment records,  and you must conclude Christian higher education is doing a great job. And student benefits are both worldly and heavenly.