Friday, January 31, 2014

Plans for a Sabbatical

On April 21, 2014 Marsha and I will begin a three-month sabbatical leave. By then we will have completed a busy seven years at LETU and the timing is right for a short season of rest and reflection.  We're thankful for the Board's gift of this leave and grateful for the capable campus leadership team that makes it possible for us to be away.

We're healthy. We're happy. We're hopeful about the future of the university and our opportunity to serve here for years to come.
We also know it is time for renewal. We know God created us for both work and for rest. Rest prepares one for the work of life and meaningful rest in the presidency is only possible with an extended time away from the daily activities of engaging with the LeTourneau Nation in Longview and beyond.

I'm eager to reconnect. This leave affords an opportunity to spend quality time with Marsha. We'll start our 30th year of marriage in May and during this time at LETU our girls have grown into women -- finished high school then college and started their own lives. We've become grandparents! It's a good time to reflect on how our lives have changed and what is ahead. And this leave provides an opportunity to reconnect with God and better sense the presence of His Holy Spirit. I've learned the still, small voice can be often lost in my daily schedule.  I'm praying for God to renew my call, purpose and identity in Him while we're away. 

Next year we will begin the work of updating our university strategic plan to direct us to 2020. I'm certain this planned rest for my body, mind and soul will equip me to identify our opportunities, define our challenges, and pursue God's direction for us. God has assembled many exceptional and faithful folk here at LETU during the last seven years. He has given us a compelling vision for Christ in the workplace. He has provided for us during the worst economic crisis in a generation. We've not chosen Him. He has chosen us. And I'm excited to prepare myself to be part of what's next for LETU.