Friday, November 1, 2013

LETU Partners with American Eagle Airlines

Usually when we talk "pipelines" in Texas, we are talking oil and gas. This week we are celebrating another type of pipeline:  a partnership between LETU and American Eagle Airlines. Congratulations to LETU Aeronautical Science dean Fred Ritchey, Chair of Flight Science Department Lauren Bitikofer and the LETU aviation faculty for the great work in establishing the pilot pipeline agreement with American Eagle Airlines! 

This new agreement we signed Monday at the Abbott Center opens a pathway for LETU flight graduates to transition seamlessly into careers as first officers with American Eagle Airlines.

American Eagle Airlines Captain Richard King, who signed the agreement with me, stated that some of their best and brightest pilots have come from LeTourneau University. We know we have an excellent program, and it is always encouraging to hear corporate America agree. 

King said American Eagle Airlines needs to hire about 50 new pilots each month. The agreement is a win-win-win for LETU, for AEA and for our students. 

This new program also provides an incentive for our flight graduates to remain at the university as certified flight instructors while gaining more flight experience and amassing the required flight hours in the cockpit.

Students will have to meet specific criteria for consideration.

Once the candidate is placed in a flight school, like LETU, as a certified flight instructor, AEA will enter into an employment agreement with the pipeline instructor to be an employee of American Eagle Airlines, eligible for health benefits and travel privileges. And if hired by American Eagle Airlines as a First Officer, the individual will remain in that position for two years from the start of First Officer training.

Pipeline Instructors who enter into First Officer training and sign a two-year letter of commitment will receive a $10,000 scholarship, or signing bonus, from American Eagle.
This pipeline is another great reason to study aviation at LETU. Tell your friends and share this news-let's grow the enrollment of LETU's flight program.