Friday, November 15, 2013

Creating a Better Longview

I enjoy reminding our community that we are "Longview's university." Every great city has a great university and in a multitude of ways, LETU contributes to the quality of life in Longview.

An example is our sponsorship of the Chamber of Commerce's "Intercity Visit" program. For two years now, it is has been my pleasure to lead a delegation of citizens from Longview to visit and learn best practices of civic progress from another city.

Dr. Lunsford tours Ft. Collins, Colo. with group from Longview Chamber

A year ago, the delegation visited Chattanooga, Tenn. This fall, we visited Ft. Collins, Colo.

The Fort Collins community has redeveloped its downtown into a vibrant business district. The city and the local university (Colorado State) work together. Ft. Collins is a place that has emphasized quality of life as a tool to creating jobs and developing economically.

This week, I chaired an early morning meeting with the delegation to identify what we saw in Ft. Collins that might be useful to the future of Longview. Several good ideas are emerging.

We've assembled a talented group of people on our campus. We all have something to contribute to making a bright future for Longview. God has put us here for this time and place. For me, it feels like a responsibility: to give what I can so that I can someday say I left Longview a little better than I found it.