Friday, October 18, 2013

LETU Alumni Make an Eternal Impact

At LeTourneau University, our graduates are professionals of ingenuity and Christlike character who see life's work as a holy calling with eternal impact.

This past week, two of our LETU alumni were in the national spotlight for pursing their holy calling and making just such an impact.

Charles "Shroud" Wesley and his wife, Alexis, are the first husband and wife in the country to donate kidneys, according to the National Kidney Registry, a nonprofit that connects patients who are compatible through exchanges.  Their donation set in motion a series of transplants across the country saving the lives of 10 people they have never met.

Why would they do that?  Gratitude. They have been the recipients of the generosity of others, which prompted them to look for this way to share their faith and bless others.  You see, they have two small children, Leila and Roland, who have a rare joint disorder and have needed and received free medical surgeries to help them be able to walk.  Giving a kidney was their way to "give back" to others, even strangers. 

Alexis, who gave her kidney in surgery last Monday said she saw saving your kidney for a rainy day was like having a fire extinguisher while watching your neighbor's house burn down.  Charles donated his kidney to a stranger last April 2012. 

"You give up maybe three or four weeks of your life in terms of having to go through recovery but you can extend someone else's life by 10 or 15 years. I really wanted to be the person that was willing to do that," said Charles.

Their story was covered nationally on Fox News and appeared on their San Diego local news station, and in their local newspaper.

Another alumnus was featured this last week on The Kelly Files on the Fox Network for making an impact by filing a lawsuit against a Texas judge for failing to protect a 15-year-old girl in Caldwell, Texas, from a registered sex offender who was the live-in boyfriend of the girl's guardian.

Stephen Casey is co-founder of Texas Center for Defense of Life which filed the lawsuit against the Texas judge, who sent her back into the home knowing the sex offender lived there.  Later, the man tied up and raped the girl and shot and killed her guardian in front of her, according to the lawsuit.

You can watch that interview with Megyn Kelly. For more in depth information on the details of the case, you can read the WND story.

Casey co-founded the TCDL whose mission is to aggressively defend the sanctity of human life.  The organization provides pro-bono legal services to pro-life organizations and individuals throughout Texas. 

In February, Casey was also featured in national news on another case involving protecting a 16-year-old girl in Houston whose parents were coercing her to have an abortion.