Friday, September 20, 2013

Longview Blitz

Saturday's Longview Blitz showed the surrounding area the hearts of our students and staff as they put feet to their faith in service of the community.

Hundreds of LETU students were on hand weeding, trimming and spreading mulch at the Kidsview playground at Lear Park. Others were organizing and cleaning at Newgate Mission. More were cleaning and chopping vegetables or scrubbing floors at Hiway 80 Rescue Mission. All of these were among several places they served on Saturday morning.

This service to our community leaves a lasting impression on the hearts of our students. They see that service is part of our Christian faith. But it also serves as an example to the community. I am thankful for the leadership of our university chaplain Harold Carl and the student floor chaplains in the residence halls who helped organize this annual event. 

Some of the students who worked that day were quoted in the Longview News-Journal that they enjoyed the day and felt blessed to serve. The time they volunteered helped them build a rapport with the community and build stronger relationships with each other.

I understand that feeling, as I have been blessed to serve this past year on the mayor's I-20 Task Force. Our goal has been to identify methods to draw more visitors into Longview from the interstate that passes through the south side of the city and identify ways to expand economic growth.

Beautification efforts into Longview's entrance along Estes Parkway and Mobberly will help improve the city's curb appeal to potential investors and will improve the impression that visitors into our city have about the quality of life in Longview. Service to our community demonstrates our heart to love our neighbor and, in doing so, we honor God and point our neighbors to Him.