Friday, August 30, 2013

Become a Brand Ambassador

Everyone in the "LeTourneau Nation" agrees on this:  we no longer want to be the best kept secret in higher education. Here's how you can help share the good news of what God is doing here at LETU.

Our social media efforts are a great place for you to engage. Become a "fan" of our LeTourneau University pages on Facebook and click "like" when we post something.  Be sure to share the university's new promotional video on your own Facebook timeline. You may not know which of your friends on Facebook needs to know more about LETU.

If you subscribe to the IncrediblyLETU blog, you can "share" our latest postings on Facebook or put them into an email to someone you know who is looking for a college or might simply find it interesting.  

Intentionally be a brand ambassador for LETU.  Each of us represents LeTourneau University.  Take some LETU marketing materials with you to your next conference.  Talk to people about what our students and faculty are doing here.  Remember, it makes a difference.  We know that 9 out of 10 of our students found LeTourneau University through word of mouth.

During our State of the University address, we presented a collection of words that describe LETU's brand, including five fundamental things:

1) Faith and Work
2) Ingenuity
3) Personal
4) Hands-on
5) Global

These elements of our brand, when seen together, are both historical and aspirational. To learn more about how we came up with these five branding elements, check out our branding pages.

By sharing stories with your friends and family through social media and word of mouth, we can greatly increase public awareness and recognition of LETU. Together, let's tell these stories.