Friday, May 17, 2013

LeTourneau Nation: Global Travels

This week it is easy to see LeTourneau University fulfilling our strategic vision to be a university of global influence.

The Wheels team recently arrived safely in Kenya. Karen Rispin and her four students are continuing their research, collecting data that could lead to better wheelchairs for the disabled in developing countries. They will return in June.

One group of 19 traditional students is returning today from a study abroad trip to Israel with Drs. Kelly Liebengood and Viktor Roudkovski. Students on that trip prepared by studying something specific that they presented to the group while they were there.  The students benefit by doing the research, and then in person what they have studied.

Another group of 16 trad and nontrad students are studying church history and exploring Scotland in a study abroad trip with School of Arts and Sciences Dean Dr. Larry Frazier for course credit. They return Saturday.

A group of four students is in Spain until May 27 on a study-abroad trip where they are learning more about the Spanish language, culture and history with LETU's Rebecca Haesecke.

Dr. Stephen Ayers is leading a group of eight engineering students in his homeland of Australia where the students are being exposed to international professional engineering practices outside of the United States. They will return May 27.

Outside of our school-sponsored study-abroad and global service learning opportunities, we know of other LETU students who are also serving in the countries of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Haiti and Mongolia. Keep up with the LeTourneau Nation this summer on Facebook.

One thing all of these trips have in common:  Our students are gaining hands-on, global experience that will enrich their education by exploring new cultures, new foods and new places.