Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Foundation Through the Ages

LeTourneau University's Homecoming 2013 surely was the most successful in many years. Congratulations to Martha Steed who led the way and to dozens of others who worked behind the scenes to welcome home hundreds of our alumni. The weekend clearly demonstrates that our former students will travel hundreds or thousands of miles to return to campus, see old friends, and rejoice in all the good God has done in their lives and at their alma mater. It's always a blessing for us to host them when they visit. I saw in their laughter and tears that it was a special blessing for them to be here with their friends.

Dr. Lunsford with the LeTourneau family.
Louise LeTourneau Dick (seated) with her brothers Ben and Roy.
Ben's wife, Betty, is standing in the center.
Roy's wife, Shirley, is not pictured.
The three surviving children of R.G. and Evelyn LeTourneau were all together on campus -- a memory I will forever cherish. Roy LeTourneau spoke in chapel to our current students and then again to our Golden Jackets -- those who graduated 50 or more years ago. It was a rare opportunity for today's student body to hear the booming LeTourneau family voice speak about Mr. R.G.'s commitment to make God his partner in his life's work. And it was a treat to listen to our Golden Jackets ask Roy to tell stories from decades ago when Pop LeTourneau drove his Volkswagen around campus and Mom LeTourneau cooked for homesick students.

Our guests were amazed at the physical changes on campus ('Where are the barracks?') I believe they were even more amazed to find the commitment to Christ still alive and central to who we are as a community. While many things had changed, the faith foundation of our university was still there.

Some of the students you see on campus today may return here 50 years from now for a similar homecoming. The university they find will be built on the foundation we are laying today. As those before us did, let's continue to build on the solid rock of Peter's confession that Jesus is Lord. That's a foundation that will last through the ages.