Thursday, March 21, 2013


LeTourneau University is an incredible place. Every single day, I marvel at the creativity and ingenuity of our students, our faculty and our staff. The difference that each of you make is immeasurable.

To those of you who work with our students every day, you are our front lines. You are changing lives, molding them into the men and women who will truly make profound differences in every workplace and every nation. They do this by carrying both the Good News of Jesus Christ as well as their hearts and minds into the world that surrounds them.

Each and every one of you are part of this incredible LeTourneau story. You are LeTourneau University.

This year, we've started communicating with our alumni in a fresh way to stay in touch with them and keep them up to date on some of the most exciting things happening on campus. The initiative has a simple goal: to tell the story of LeTourneau University through emails, a blog, and (for those who enjoy a more visual experience, an infographic).

Any of you who are a part of the LeTourneau Nation (faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, friends of the university, and more) are part of this incredible story. In every classroom and office on campus, and in every workplace one of our graduates inhabits, incredible pieces add up to the single greatest university in the world. And any time you'd like a look into the latest at LeTourneau, you'll find the content from all of our alumni communications, and more, at the blog link above.

If you have an incredible story that you think should be told, we want to hear about it. Email your story ideas and let us help to share your successes and the little pieces of incredible that make up this amazing place. Or, request to receive IncrediblyLETU alumni communications to stay up-to-date about your incredible alma mater.