Thursday, February 7, 2013

Under Call

The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities met in Washington D.C. last week to inaugurate a new president: Edward Blews, Jr. I'm honored LeTourneau University is a part of the CCCU, an international association of Christ-centered institutions educating over 100,000 students with a foundation of biblical truth.

Dr. Blews comes to the CCCU from Michigan where he led the association of private universities for 28 years. In his inaugural address, he described how God led him and his wife, Debra, to this new leadership position. He prefaced the story with the statement "Of course, we are people who live under call."

Don't you agree with me that the most peaceful and faithfully effective among us at LETU share this conviction that they are "under call?" It is something the world doesn't understand, but as people of faith, we know this profound truth: when we submit to God's call in our life, we are most joyful and content. Marsha and I experienced a call to come to LETU six years ago. We were quite happy and satisfied where we were, yet we could not deny that God had been orchestrating our move. As I told the group of LETU faculty and staff at the President's Coffee this week, "I was afraid to say no" to God, so I came.

Living under call means acknowledging that we exist for bigger things than ourselves. Our own needs and wants are not as important as God's purposes. To live under call is to surrender our rights to God. I firmly believe our university exists under call. This institution is unique in the CCCU with our call to claim every workplace in every nation for Christ. And our call supersedes our circumstances. Whether our economy is booming or sour, whether our budgets are growing or shrinking; our call doesn't change. God's purposes for our lives and for our school rise above our current circumstances. Of course, absolutely, thankfully, we are a people who live under call.