Thursday, February 28, 2013

Scholarship Gala 2013: Why I Give

Scholarships are crucial to LeTourneau University. They help us attract some of the best and brightest students from around the country and help us keep students whose families are struggling to overcome the economic challenges of paying for college.

Scholarship dollars don't just grow on trees. They come from the generous hearts of families and corporate sponsors who recognize the value of investing in the future generation.

Recently, we celebrated the generosity of many of our local sponsors during our 2013 Scholarship Gala banquet on campus. We thanked many of our local corporate sponsors for their continued giving to our Presidential Scholarship program, and we shared a video titled "Why I Give" that gave our donors the opportunity to share their motivation to give. The video also gave our student scholarship recipients the opportunity to say "thank you."

We also celebrated the creation of a new endowed scholarship: the Scott N. Bowen Memorial Endowed Scholarship, named in memory of 1982 LeTourneau College mechanical engineering alumnus who had a successful engineering career in the transportation industry. Bowen lived his life with a strong desire to use his talents to glorify God. His life, though brief, was full of love and kindness, leaving behind a legacy inspiring others to live as he did, honoring God with his dedication to his family and his willingness to help others. His family's gift in his memory will support future generations of men and women at LETU. Bowen's son, Nathan, accepted a plaque in his father's honor.

A highlight of the evening was when we surprised Joe Bob Joyce by presenting him with the Henry O. Gossett Community Partner Award that honors a community leader who demonstrates long-term commitment to LeTourneau University and who strengthens the ties between the university and the Longview community through acts of service.

As many of you may know, Joe Bob Joyce has served on our Board of Trustees since 2009 and has served on several committees including as a two-term president of my President's Advisory Committee. He and his family have supported the construction of the Belcher Center and the renovations of the Corner Café and aviation facilities, and most recently the Joyce Family Athletic Village.

We as a university are grateful for the generosity of these and others who partner with us, who see the need and are willing and able to provide this crucial funding for scholarships. And to them, we should all say, "thank you."