Friday, December 7, 2012

One Word

If you were to describe the mission of LETU in one word, what would be that word?

The Salvation Army is a ministry I respect very much. We think of them at Christmas time as we see their red kettle bell ringers everywhere (trivia alert: in high school I volunteered as a bell ringer). Beyond Christmas, the Salvation Army quietly serves the neediest among us -- caring both for material needs and eternal destinies. Nearly 30 million in 5,000 communities are served by The Salvation Army annually.

Once when asked to describe the mission of the Salvation Army, founder William Booth walked to the podium, spoke one word, and sat back down. That one word was "others." This focus on "others" motivates Salvation Army staff and focuses their operational decisions. There is no confusion within the organization as to the reason for their existence: an extraordinary commitment to serve others.

Here at LETU, we are moving to combine our traditional and GAPS marketing efforts into one unified communication strategy to advance the LETU "brand." The public relations firm of Lovell-Fairchild have been listening to many of you as they help us to better define the core elements of the LETU brand. Nancy Lovell and Julie Fairchild challenged me Wednesday morning with the above question: "What one word would you use to label the mission of LETU?"

I'm not sure I answered the question well: it is difficult to reduce this institution and our reason for existence to one word. I'd like to know your thoughts. How would you answer that question?