Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sowing Seeds of Support

Our Board of Trustees is on campus today for their Fall meeting. These men and women come from all across North America: from Alaska to Orlando and from Toronto to Los Angeles. They have business to do here, of course, and when they leave to return home, they will continue to spread the word of the good things happening here at LeTourneau University.

There's just no substitute for sowing the seeds of support for LETU.

Recently, I recommended that our development officers read The Sower, a book by Gary Hoag and Scott Rodin about redefining how we raise funds from a biblical perspective. In it, the premise is that we are servants who plant seeds and water them, but that we give God the glory to make things grow.

Sowers work hard and work smart. It requires planning and sacrifice. While sowers accept the responsibility for planting, they know only God can bring the harvest. We sow. God brings the results.

Trained as New Testament scholars, Hoag and Rodin are experienced fundraisers. Their focus is not merely to raise money, but to disciple people to become godly stewards through transformed hearts. Giving is, after all, not the result of a ministry's work, but God's work in people. It relies on a dependence on prayer and relationship-building as tools for success. Our role at LETU is to raise up givers for God's work through sowing biblical stewardship principles in people's lives.

And we are not alone in our work, because as we share the story and vision for what God is doing through LETU, we encourage our trustees, alumni and others to partner with us. Community is one of the greatest gifts we as a Christ-centered university have to offer.  Inviting others to serve with us is a privilege.
We know that true generosity flows from transformed hearts that are conformed to the image of Christ.. Our ultimate goal in the LETU Development Office is encouraging spiritual transformation, helping people become rich toward God through giving.