Thursday, November 15, 2012

LETU Trustees: A Legacy of Leadership

Another successful Board of Trustees meeting completed Friday. New officers were elected and include Pat Bertsche as Chair, Larry Mercer as Vice Chair, Paul Abbott as Secretary and Merle Stoltzfus as Treasurer.

Nancy Mendez has served as chair for the past two years and has been an outstanding leader as LETU's first female board chair. As the assistant city manager of the City of Whittier, Calif., Nancy oversees major projects and ensures the city council's goals are accomplished. She brought those leadership skills to LETU, where she has served on the LETU board since 1990. 

She loves LeTourneau as a place that encourages students to grow spiritually and be equipped to serve Christ in every workplace in every nation. Her role as chair of the LETU board of trustees was perhaps a little unique, since her father served as the board chair in the 1970s when Nancy was a student here. 

Nancy's love for the Lord and her love for our students is evident in her service to LETU and in the godly example she is to other women in leadership. I am grateful for her leadership.

Our new incoming chair Pat Bertsche earned his industrial management degree from LETU in 1989 and has been involved with financial management, strategic planning and business operations. He has most recently served as the superintendent of the Westminster Christian School where he formerly served as board president. Prior to his work with Westminster, he served as vice president of operations at Camcraft, Inc. In January, he is returning to Camcraft, Inc. in Chicago as the chief financial officer. 

Pat loves LeTourneau and has been actively involved with his alma mater, from hosting alumni meetings in cities across the country to hosting many in his home in Illinois. He has been an LETU board member since 1996 and served on the 2010 Trustee Committee for the Strategic Plan.

Also at the November trustee meeting, three new trustees were named. Dr. Gene Frost is a business executive who serves as Head of School at Wheaton Academy in West Chicago, Ill. James Nolt is a business consultant who sold in 2010 the company American Hydro Corporation he co-founded that designs and manufactures hydraulic turbines for the power industry. Dean Waskowiak is president and founder of Encore Multimedia, a leading regional advertising agency in Longview, Texas.