Thursday, October 18, 2012

Global Service Learning Opportunities

This week, 50 years ago, our nation was faced with what we now call the "Cuban missile crisis." The Soviet governments secretly began to build bases in Cuba to launch nuclear missiles into the United States. It was a tense confrontation. We now know how close we were to nuclear war with the Soviet Union. God was merciful.

Five decades later, God is working in Cuba.

An LETU delegation was invited there this fall. One of the aims of LETU's Center for Global Service Learning is to partner with indigenous churches around the world that are seeking to demonstrate God's redeeming love within their local communities. Dr. Kelly Liebengood and Dr. Steve Mason traveled to Cuba to discover areas where the research, expertise, training and skills of our LeTourneau professors and students could help equip particular churches to fulfill the mission God has placed on their hearts, now that an unprecedented window of opportunity is open.

What Dr. Liebengood and Dr. Mason discovered is that entrepreneurial business skills, personal counseling skills and theological training are all desperately needed by pastors to enable them to sustain their ministries during this time when the Cuban church is growing in spite of persecution and scarce resources. LETU has expertise in each of those areas.

Dr. Liebengood reports that the Cuban church has turned a page from being isolated and insular to being a place where Cubans are looking to meet their most fundamental needs. He reported that this movement of God within the Cuban church has occurred simultaneously with a new openness on the part of the Cuban government, which is now slowly allowing Cubans to start and own their own businesses.

Through our Center for Global Service Learning, perhaps LETU can join God in his work there. Please pray for opportunities to create unique learning experiences, ease human suffering, and bring glory to our God who seeks to redeem every workplace and every nation.