Friday, March 23, 2012

Professionals of Ingenuity and Christlike Character

Last week, Marsha and I spent several days with LETU friends in San Antonio and Austin. I really enjoyed sharing dinner with LETU alumna Amy Davis. When Amy came to LETU in 2002 as a freshman from Boerne, Texas, she had plans to be an engineer but credits LETU with helping her find her true calling in the legal profession.

After earning her undergraduate degree in history and political science from LETU and serving as LETU student body president, she earned her law degree from the University of Texas in 2010, where she was editor in chief of the Texas Review of Law and Politics. Today she is an attorney with Cox Smith Matthews in San Antonio.

Amy talked to a group of LETU friends about how much she valued her LETU education. She talked of the encouraging mentoring of professor Paul Kubricht who opened her eyes to law school. She reported how well prepared she was for law school. Extensive research papers and oral presentations required of her at LETU gave her an advantage over other new law students.

Amy is wise to understand that the LETU experience must include both Christ-centered spiritual growth and academic excellence. As we say in our vision statement: our graduates are professionals of ingenuity and Christlike character.

Tom Leppert has also noticed the quality of our students. As mayor of Dallas, he honored our MBA students in 2009 for their work for a nonprofit organization in Dallas known as the Ferguson Road Initiative.

Our LETU business students provided valuable strategic analysis and outcomes assessment studies that were useful in the organization's successful proposal to acquire a $1 million grant from the United States Department of Justice. The grant helped the organization expand its neighborhood clean-up program and ensure long-term economic growth and a better quality of life.

Leppert visited campus yesterday to speak in chapel to students about his experience integrating his Christian faith and his professional work in business and civic service. His visit was organized through our Center for Faith and Work, which continues to promote the value of integrating these vital areas of our lives and to see our work as a holy calling with eternal impact.