Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Hopefulness of Spring

I've traveled three of the last four weekends. Today, I head south to visit with alumni, friends and trustees in the San Antonio and Austin area. A number of us from campus will be in San Antonio for what looks like a rainy retreat of nearly half our Board of Trustees.

The Longview downtown Rotary Club invited me to speak this week. They were interested in hearing my perceptions of our students. I told the group that this generation is very different than mine. This "iY Generation," as author Tim Elmore labels them, is overconnected, overserved and overwhelmed.

I also find that while struggling with worry to be sure, our students are willing to serve, to lead and to face the problems they inherit from my generation. Their optimism makes me hopeful.

We must be hopeful as we watch over 100 of our students leave on Friday for Spring Break Missions trips around the country. We have groups going all across the country to help where their talents and interests can be used to assist ministries all working to expand God's kingdom. Two new trips this year through Buckner International will take our students to South Texas where they will help a local church build a home for a needy family, and another group will conduct a church sports camp to teach leadership, sportsmanship and share the Gospel with local children. Friday's chapel commissioning service will be a great send-off.

Next weekend I'm staying home to enjoy the budding azaleas all around my yard! Our God, the creator of the universe, who makes all things new is demonstrating rebirth for us again this spring. It's a great time to live in Longview, Texas!