Thursday, October 20, 2011

Egg Salad Sandwich Conversations

Each day I start with an email devotional thought from Dr. Jim Denison, the founder of the Denison Forum on Truth and Culture and the former pastor of the Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas.

Denison recently wrote a column about what he remembers as the "egg salad sandwich from God." In it, he recalled being an insecure freshman at Houston Baptist University with a sense of God's calling on his life but no tangible idea of where his life was going. In the middle of eating an egg salad sandwich at lunch, one of the HBU professors sat down next to him. An informal conversation became a lifelong relationship. Denison now refers to that late professor, Dr. A.O. Collins, as his "spiritual father."

God has placed you at LETU so that you might become someone's spiritual father or mother. It has happened here on this campus for years, and I needed this reminder that divine appointments continue today.

Our insightful new Provost, Dr. Coyle, is leading a new conversation on how we can be more intentional about improving the success of our students. Too many LETU freshmen don't return for their sophomore year. Too many sophomores don't return for their junior year. Too many of our students never complete their degree programs.

No one, single reason exists why students don't succeed at LETU, but our hearts should be broken for each one who arrives full of future dreams, yet leaves without success. I'm committing myself to take time for more "egg salad sandwich conversations." I invite you to do so as well.

Denison wisely observes, "You cannot know the future significance of present faithfulness."

Thank you for your faithful investment in the success of our students at LETU.