Thursday, September 29, 2011

The R.G. Legacy of Faith & Work

From the corner of Mobberly and Green, R.G. LeTourneau traveled the world giving voice to his unique testimony. He began his 1960 autobiography "For 25 years or more, I've been traveling this land of ours and a few foreign countries trying to teach and preach by word of mouth and example, that a Christian businessman owes as much to God as a preacher does."

The LeTourneau University Center for Faith & Work has been created to give a new voice to that same truth: life is not a dilemma of choosing faith or work, but instead the freedom of choosing faith and work. All work can be eternally significant, whether done Sunday or Monday. The workplace is a mission field.

The Center is bringing to campus 18 men and women from a variety of professions for one day next week. Many of you are helping to make "Breakfast with Fred" a special event for our Longview students inside and outside the classroom.

Our guests next week understand the integration of faith and work. They are professionals with experience in business, education, and communication, like retired Ohio banker Ron Glosser who served as president of the $8 billion Hershey Trust and Milton Hershey Foundation; Dr. Don Newbury who has 40 years of experience in higher education, including presidencies at Western Texas College and Howard Payne University; and KCBI radio personality Johanna Fisher, who has served on the boards and is active with several Dallas-area ministries.

Through our new Center for Faith and Work, LETU ensures that Mr. RG's call continues.